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Wouldn’t you like to see a way forward beyond the political tribalism affecting immigration issues today? That’s what our A Way Forward community campaign is all about—providing real solutions that help immigrant families and individuals overcome the language, social, and economic barriers they face here.

This is a critical time for our students. The current administration’s policies create great uncertainty for immigrants and have led to even stronger demand for the services Downtown Languages provides. Your gift to A Way Forward will help build the foundation for a diversified funding base that will sustain our ability to serve the immigrant community for years to come.

MATCHING GIFT! Committed supporters will MATCH all gifts made from December 13 through December 24, up to a total of $5,000. Give today and do twice the good! 

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Here’s what your gift can do:
$500 – family of 3 attends the 10-week Pilas Family Literacy Program.
$250 – 6 students attend US Citizenship courses until ready for exam.
$100 – 2 students attend 5 weeks of Bilingual Computer classes.
$50 – 1 student attends a 5-week English as a Second Language class.

Just as Downtown Languages is a way forward for immigrants, our community campaign is a way forward for Downtown Languages. We hope you’ll make a generous gift today that supports A Way Forward. You can mail a check payable to Downtown Languages to Downtown Languages, 532 C Street, Springfield, OR 97477 or give online. Thank you.

Thank you to our lead donors

Thank you to the committed businesses and individuals who are leading the way on A Way Forward. We are very grateful for a caring community.

Kaiser Permanente


Chambers Construction
Columbia Bank
Essex General Construction
Mark Corley and Suzanne Rowe
Duane and David Funk
Marilyn Kelly
Becky-Jo and Josh Samples
Doug and Haley Bales
Karl Brantley
Brook Edwards
MaryClare Feighan and Jude McKay
Shelly and Deron Fort
Larry and Pat Hilliard
Diane Jeffcott
Helmut Plant
Claude Puntel-Sessions and Brian Sessions
Linda Reymers
Risk Reduction Specialists
Caitlan and Jon Rivera
Reyn Staffel
Pete and Jo von Hippel

Providing real solutions for our immigrant neighbors. Make a gift today!

“I wish from the bottom of my heart that all of you…will have the goodwill to support us. I am the voice for all of these people who need this help. We will be eternally grateful.”
~ Eduardo, Downtown Languages English Student

“Chambers Construction supports Downtown Languages and the amazing work they perform for our community.”
~ Tammy Crafton, Marketing Assistant, Chambers Construction

Thank you for your support!