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Wouldn’t you like to see a way forward beyond the political tribalism affecting immigration issues today? That’s what our A Way Forward community campaign is all about—providing real solutions that help immigrant families and individuals overcome the language, social, and economic barriers they face here.

This is a critical time for our students. The current administration’s policies create great uncertainty for immigrants and have led to even stronger demand for the services Downtown Languages provides. Your gift to A Way Forward will help build the foundation for a diversified funding base that will sustain our ability to serve the immigrant community for years to come.

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Here’s what your gift can do:
$500 – family of 3 attends the 10-week Pilas Family Literacy Program.
$250 – 6 students attend US Citizenship courses until ready for exam.
$100 – 2 students attend 5 weeks of Bilingual Computer classes.
$50 – 1 student attends a 5-week English as a Second Language class.

Just as Downtown Languages is a way forward for immigrants, our community campaign is a way forward for Downtown Languages. We hope you’ll make a generous gift today that supports A Way Forward. You can mail a check payable to Downtown Languages to Downtown Languages, 532 C Street, Springfield, OR 97477 or give online. Thank you.

Thank you to our lead donors

Thank you to the committed businesses and individuals who are leading the way on A Way Forward. We are very grateful for a caring community.

Kaiser Permanente


Chambers Construction
Columbia Bank
Essex General Construction
Mark Corley and Suzanne Rowe
Duane and David Funk
Marilyn Kelly
Becky-Jo and Josh Samples
Doug and Haley Bales
Karl Brantley
Brook Edwards
MaryClare Feighan and Jude McKay
Shelly and Deron Fort
Larry and Pat Hilliard
Diane Jeffcott
Helmut Plant
Claude Puntel-Sessions and Brian Sessions
Linda Reymers
Risk Reduction Specialists
Caitlan and Jon Rivera
Reyn Staffel
Pete and Jo von Hippel

Providing real solutions for our immigrant neighbors. Make a gift today! Campaign ends January 24th.

“I wish from the bottom of my heart that all of you…will have the goodwill to support us. I am the voice for all of these people who need this help. We will be eternally grateful.”
~ Eduardo, Downtown Languages English Student

“Chambers Construction supports Downtown Languages and the amazing work they perform for our community.”
~ Tammy Crafton, Marketing Assistant, Chambers Construction

Thank you for your support!