Our top priorities as we work to support the community members of Downtown Languages impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Care & Support

Demonstrate to students that they are cared for and supported. We are personally checking in with every student using a detailed phone survey to offer our support and to ascertain their needs. Aggregated with survey results from Centro Latino Americano and Huerto de la Familia, we are sharing this information with community partners to influence other supports for the immigrant and Latino community.

Provide Resources

Provide basic needs support and connect students to resources and information. We are offering direct assistance with rent, utilities, and food for our students with the greatest need. We have commitments of more than $25,000 for this purpose already and immigrant families will soon be receiving our first round of disbursements. As well, we are directing our students to our Facebook page where we are posting relevant resources and reliable information. 


Offer continued learning consistent with our mission, focused on helping families navigate this new environment. The DTL Distance Learning Program is set to launch April 22nd. We are using a mix of online learning approaches that are accessible to families that may have limited access to technology. The curriculum includes workshops to help families negotiate the current situation, such as demos of how to place an online grocery order or participate in the census. 

Strategic Response

Ensure that our organization responds to the challenges ahead. Immigrants still need educational supports now and will continue to once life returns to normal. We plan to meet that demand and retain our dedicated teachers through this era.    

Immigrants and their families need your help today!

We urgently need your support in responding to the needs of the immigrant community in Lane County.