Onsite Programs

Our onsite programs are English, U.S. Citizenship & Civics, Bilingual Computer (Spanish/English), Oregon Driver License Exam Preparation, and Literacy & Adult Basic Education in Spanish. The focus is on teaching adult students essential literacy and communication skills. We traditionally offer seven 5-week sessions throughout the year. Onsite programs are open to adults over 18, although we will sometimes make exceptions for teenagers if an adult signs a release form. The class schedule is designed to meet the needs of a diverse and mobile population. Open registration begins the week before each session.

Onsite Programs

Fall 2020 Session – Online

Due to COVID-19, fall session will be via distance learning. The session has been extended to 10 weeks, with fees temporarily waived. Those who are able are encouraged to make a contribution.

  • Dates: September 21 – November 28, 2020
       (start date moved from 9/14 due to wildfires)
  • Morning and evening classes
  • English, U.S. Citizenship, Basic Computer
  • Connect by computer, tablet, or cell phone
  • Individual technology assistance available

Fall 2020 Class Flyer:  Spanish   English   Dual language (2 pages)
Fall 2020 Class Schedule/Horario:  Bilingual

“I like DTL because I am learning how to talk and write English more clearly. The teacher is very professional. I feel like I am learning how to speak in English.” — José from Mexico, ESL 2

Class Descriptions


Our English program focuses on teaching adult students essential communication skills for their daily lives. The program is designed to be practical and help adult immigrants of all nationalities adjust to living in the United States. The schedule and curriculum, which changes each session, allow students to enroll quickly and attend multiple sessions in each level of English before advancing to the next. We teach three levels of English ranging from beginning English literacy to an intermediate level of English conversation and grammar. Fee: $35 (temporarily waived)

Onsite Programs

U.S. Citizenship and Civics

Many immigrants are eligible to become citizens of the United States, and therefore, need to learn the history and civics of this country. Our convenient schedule and proven curriculum help prepare community members to successfully pass the citizenship exam. This class uses materials provided by the Department of Homeland Security, as well as other resources, to help students navigate current citizenship application and interview requirements. The course also covers the birth of our nation, the branches of government, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Fee $35 (temporarily waived)

Onsite Programs

Bilingual Computer

Computers are an essential part of everyday life. We use them at work, at school, at home, to keep in touch with family and friends, and to interact with people all over the world. The objective of this class is to take you from a level of little or no knowledge of computers to self-sufficiency. The class is taught in Spanish and English, and is especially useful for adult learners. Fee $35 (temporarily waived)

What you’ll learn:

  • Keyboarding – Learn or improve your typing skills, speed, and accuracy. You will get lots of practice.
  • Using the Internet and e-mail
  • Filling out job applications online
  • Word processing – Become comfortable using word processing for personal and professional tasks. Learn to create, edit, and print documents. (Word processing is one of the most common computer applications today.)
  • Using smartphones and tablets – Learn to use them as an important communication and knowledge tool. Take full advantage of these devices and their apps.

Computación Bilingüe

La computación es parte esencial en nuestra vida diaria. Usamos las computadoras en el trabajo, en la escuela, en nuestro hogar, para estar en contacto con la familia, con los amigos y para interactuar con gente alrededor del mundo. El objetivo de esta clase es llevarte de un nivel de no conocimiento o de poco conocimiento en computación, a la autosuficiencia en el uso de esta herramienta tecnológica. La clase se ofrece en Español y en Ingles y es especialmente útil para adultos. Costo: $35 (renunciado temporalmente)

Que aprenderas:

  • Mecanografía – Aprende y/o mejora tus habilidades de escribir en la computadora, así como tus habilidades de velocidad y precisión. Tendrás mucho que practicar.
  • Como navegar en Internet y utilizar tu Correo Electrónico.
  • Aprende a llenar aplicaciones de trabajo en linea.
  • Procesador de Textos – Aprende a utilizar eficazmente el Microsoft Word para usos personales y profesionales. Aprende a crear documentos, editarlos e imprimirlos, etc. (El procesador de textos Microsoft Word es uno de los programas de computación más utilizados actualmente.)
  • Como utilizar un teléfono inteligente y/o tableta – Aprende a usarlos como una herramienta importante de comunicación y de conocimiento. Aprovecha al máximo estos dispositivos y sus aplicaciones.
Onsite Programs

Oregon Driver License Exam Prep Course

This class is designed to help immigrants and their family members better prepare to take their written Oregon driver license exam. The class is primarily taught in Spanish and English by a certified ESL instructor to meet the needs of all students.

Bring your Oregon driver manual in the language which you intend to take the exam and get help preparing with our dynamic instructor! Class meets for eight weeks on Tuesday evenings. This class is typically offered in the fall and spring. Fee: $10. Not offered fall 2020.

Clase de Preparación para la Licencia de Conducir de Oregon

Esta clase está diseñada para ayudar a los inmigrantes y sus familiares a prepararse mejor para hacer su examen escrito de la licencia de conducir de Oregon.

Trae el manual del conductor de Oregon en el idioma que tomarás el examen y obten ayuda con nuestro instructor dinámico. La clase se reúne durante ocho semanas los martes por la noche. Esta clase típicamente se ofrece una vez en otoño y primavera. Costo: $10. No se ofrece otoño 2020.

Onsite Programs
Onsite Programs
Onsite Programs

Literacy and Adult Basic Education

Many adults from Latin America now living in the United States began working at a very young age in their home countries. Unable to complete their basic education, they arrive with limited literacy in Spanish or in their indigenous language. Research shows that literacy in one’s primary language significantly improves the ability to acquire and master another language. Downtown Languages places great value on the development and preservation of our students’ primary language skills. We offer a holistic program that addresses the unique needs of these learners and gives them a pathway to further their education. Our literacy classes are taught by caring and patient professional language educators. Students improve their skills and gain the confidence they need to reach their personal, academic, and career goals. Classes include the following:

  • Adult Basic Education in Spanish / Primaria y secundaria en español This course is designed for native Spanish speakers who have little or no primary education, and for those you have completed their secundaria (middle school) but have been out of school for at least 5 years or more. Students develop reading, writing, basic math, and other fundamental learning skills in a supportive, engaging environment. Students quickly gain confidence and improve their skills sufficient to enter a program to earn their primary and secondary diplomas.
  • Plaza Comunitaria Downtown Languages is the official Lane County site for the Plaza Comunitaria, an extension of the Mexican public education system that offers students the opportunity to obtain their official primary or secondary diploma through Internet-based study modules. Although the Plaza is set up as an independent-study program, Downtown Languages provides instructors to mentor students as they work their way through the program. Students develop traditional and computer literacy as they work at their own pace in Spanish to earn their Mexican diplomas. Students who earn a secondary diploma through the Plaza are well prepared to begin a GED program. However, if the main barrier to beginning a GED program is language, students should enroll in an English class.
  • GED Readiness This class helps native Spanish speakers refresh or acquire the math, reading, and writing skills needed to enroll in General Educational Development (GED) Prep classes. This is not the same as a GED Prep course in which students will be ready to take their GED within a specified amount of time – it is the precursor to that type of class for those not ready for a GED Prep class. If the main barrier to getting a GED or taking a GED Prep class is language, students should enroll in an English class. GED Readiness is taught by a bilingual educator who provides individualized attention to the students.

These classes typically meet Saturday, 4:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Fee: $35. Not offered fall 2020.

Onsite Programs
Onsite Programs